Monday, March 19, 2012

Slice #9

The Weekend
For my weekend i will be mainly sleeping. Since my mom has to babysit ever day but Saturday and Sunday I can't do that much at my house. I wish i could do more things but I can't. The only thing I can do is play my laptop and sleep. There is this really fun game i play on my laptop called ROBLOX so i will just play that all weekend. I will not be doing a whole bunch of stuff this weekend. They other thing I can do though on occations is play my X-Box. So now you know what I can do for my weekend I believe that is all i am going to do this weekend.


hello, teachers. i am not really sure what to say. so, what is going on in teacher land? What is this for because now i have 3 emails now hehe. This weekend i am going to my cousins house this weekend for whatever reason my aunt needs my moms help  for. What are you doing  this weekend ? Oh i got a new bird named rigby last weekend . he is a parakeet. Now i have 4 birds. I like cake !!!!  I also enjoy music !!!!!   ok, i dont know what else to say so good bye

on my 4-day weekend i'll go to some restaurant and eat .then maybe i can bribe my parents to take me to the zoo and see the monkeys . then i'll play the computer  and watch TV . maybe it will snow and i can make a snowman .i'm going to watch the movie  Holes.

How to Make a Lego-Man

1.find lego head.

2.find lego hands.

3.find lego arms and leges.

4.find lego body

Last thursday I was plaing football on my ps3.  I was plaing the Patroits and then I scored then a strip poped up it said please stop scoring you are going to brake the game. I paused it and ran to go get my sister when she saw it we both fell down laughing at the end of the game the score was 127 to 0 

My family went do the dunes and we went to the clay pit and we put clay all over ourselves and we were covered in clay so, our parents told us to wash off in Lake Michigan. Then we ate a lot of food then, we swam and had fun and we walked under a bridge we came around again. Then my brother-in-law climbed a really big  dune then we walked up a small dune a ran fast down it. Then it was about 5:30 and we left Michigan and went home. It was about 7:00 we arrived home. 


  1. this is amazing. it reminds me of what i do on my weekends. i play ROBLOX to. it is really fun.i really want a bird and i like cake to. i would like to know more about the bird.

  2. This is amazing. It reminds me of what I do on my weekends. I play ROBLOX to it is really fun.I really want a bird and I like cake to. I would like to know more about the bird.


  3. i know that thats ALLL you do is sleep evil twin (refuring to the top slice) C.E block 1

  4. That sounds really fun. My mom said we are going to the Dunes this summer. And i get to bring a friend!!! I don't know who to choose???? Anyway I hope you had a great time, and about the football agme that score was EPIC!!!
    Z.W. 1

  5. thats cool i would have loved to go to the dunes. whoever this is you are lucky. CSR 7

  6. that is nice AT7