Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slice #12

today i forgot it was smart start again so my brother and i thought we where going to miss the bus and be late to school but we remembered and walked to school and we were super early to school it was a wierd morning today

A few days ago I went to a horse sale. I had to wake up at 4:00. that wasn't fun. We took two horses to the horse sale.One was named Bertson and the other horse was named cody. It was a good weekend.

On Saturday me and my friend went swimming in her pond. It was really fun and really cold. We blew up the tube and pushed each other off of it. When we come inside i was completely  red. I was FREEZING!!! I took a very hot shower and felt better.After we cleaned up we counted her bracelets, there were 112!!! We played with her little cousin, and he told me I was his favorite friend. He was 3, and so adorable!!! I wish he was my cousin. I really had a fun time, and we made milkshakes and my friend put to many chocolate chips in them. There was three spoon fulls at the bottom of the cup. I put them in the trash. :)

On Friday and Saturday I went swimming at Waubbe Lake. It was cold but fun. On Saturday I put my hole body under water. I like swimming but not in freezing water. Swimming is one of my favorite sports.

slicing is kinda hard to write every day and if you forget to slice you won't go to the end of the slicing party so i try to write every day

Miss Taylor
She is so nice and funny. Even though i only had her for half a year. She was my first grade teacher. She is a kindergarten teacher now. But she is still the best!!!!! 


      I was walking around the track when i was waiting for my brothers baskets ball game to start! It was fun! I LOVE running around a track! I really like it when its nice outside.  But i walked this time because i didnt have the right running shoes. I got thirsty fast because it was hot out!!! :)

the first day of spring
today is the first day of spring.its awesome because know it isnt going to be cold.
i like spring because its not going to be cold and its going to be in the 80s.i hate 
spring because that means that in gym we are probley going to run cross 
country.i hare running cross country.its my least favorite thing to do

Sleepy and tired " 
                I'm so tired and want my new Jeff hardy figure wright now ! All great now I'm getting grumpy arrrg! My legs hurt my arms hurt and .............…My mom hurts ! Yell yell yell !oh no I'm going to fall a sleep ......,..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snoring snoring .       The end


  1. teehee you got to swim in freezing water CSR7

  2. i lllllllloooooooovvvvvveeeee track!CSR7