Monday, March 26, 2012

Slice #11

  what a great day today we are havin!
WOW what a great day we are having today!I am so hot as soon as i got home i had to  change into a tank top.I would put some sun sreen on if i was you today lets not get sun burnt laugh out loud.

Many Worlds 
I am writing a book called Many Worlds right know. It is about a modern day marine squad who is after a group of terrorists. The marine squad ends up getting teleported to Kashyyyk in the Star wars universe. But two of the marines end up at the planet of Mygeeto, which is the heart of droid activity. The have to go on a epic adventure to find them.

Today was good. I get to go swimming at the end of block two. I cant wait ! We get a free day tomarrow. I really want to a have a drama free school. I love this school but the drama is just bringing me down.When we go swimming the girls go for a week and the boys go for a week. I am reading Twilight right now. Its confusing because Edward said that he wants to go to Seattle with Bella. And then he said that he wants Bella to stay away from him. And now they are eating lunch together.! isnt that confusing. Well i hope i get to read soon because i love this book!!!!!! 

we are being invaded... by girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls started playing football on the 20. But they are not the problem. their actually good. the can trow catch and many more things. Marshall was pushed down by girls. we are now getting more organized in football.


 When titanic was sinking it was desinairgrating when it hit the botome of the alantic ocean the frunt of the ship dug. 2 feet in to the ocean. Then aftor a 100 years titanic was starting to grow rust then titanic stardid to foll apart.

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we were in Indianapolis for a swim meet. While we were there we got an autograph from an Olympic swimmer! I even got an autograph on my back! That was pretty cool!

i might go to my friends house!!!!!!! the last time i went we had a blast. we played lots of games and toys. tomorrow if i can come there we will do lots of fun stuff like play outside on the four weeler. and swim in her lake. 

today is thursday its a wonderful day out it is so amazing. the blossoms are blooming. it smells good out  at my house we have japenesse cherry blossom trees the are so pretty in the back wonderful view in the back 

Reading buddies         
.We just had reading buddies. My reading buddies are so fun to read to. They like to read to me to. But they always fight about who picks the book first. My reading buddies are always happy to see me


  1. that must have been really fun going to Indy funny cause I went with you haha I am your brother so I had to go with you. jk1

  2. I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!