Friday, March 16, 2012

Slice #6

i figured out the secret of making the perfect paper airplane.first you take a 6''x12''sheet of paper.then you crease it in the middle.then you fold the corners into the middle where the crease is.then you do that again on the same side.then you cut off the bottom.then you fold it in half along the center.then you fold down the wings.then you fold up the left wing just a little.then your done.go outside and play with it.
The drawing that went with the slice!
Slice of Life
          Yesturday we went Skating . It was really fun. I fell three times! I hurt my wrist really bad and it hurts. Later tonight the school is having a P.T.O. Carnival. I can't wait til then. I am hoping my mom will let me go. The P.T.O. Carnival last year was really fun. I can't wait. When we were skating this girl in sixth grade pushed me down. I hurt my knees.

Last month I got stitches. It was in my knee. I was upstairs in my bathroom. I was walking out when I slipped!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was a vase right there. I fell on the vase and got glass in my knee. I got another scratch and another scratch but I was still hurting. My mom came running up stairs. I told her what happened. My grandma came over and said I should go to the E.M.S. I went but they said I had to go to the emergency room. I went but they gave me stitches. 

I love jello,slimy,good tasting,and slurpy. my favorite kind of jello is blueberry. Because my favorite color is blue. BLUE! That is what i want my room color, sea blue. 

whats with the weather
First we have a terrible winter, now its a weird spring. The weather has been rising and rising. its  the 2 week of Spring and its already 79o! noooooooooooo, imean yessssssssss. next week is in the 80s. what did we do wrong mother nature. just kidding, i like the weather now. its soothing.

Nature today i'm writing outside there are little bugs everywhere it is so funny because when i keep drawing lines around it and they never move out of the way.They are like little bug heroes.

My cousin came over! And she showed me on her phone her prom dress! It was REALLY pretty. She went to get it with her mom and her best friend,i wish i could have gone.It was a really light purple and it was kind of poofy at the bottom.It kind of looked like a colorful persons wedding dress! :)

 Someone or Something Broke my I pod
        I took my I pod to school as usual to play on the bus.So it was on the bus that I remember that I was playing a game called Fruit Ninja.So I got off the bus and I set my I pod down to go to my friends house.I left it charging in the wall.When I got back home it was almost time to go and I went to pick my I pod up and the screen was cracked!!!  Witnesses(mom,sister).Suspects(mom,dad,sister.)

Roller Skating!!!
Today we went roller skating. Its was AWESOME. First we went to eat.
We got to choose where to eat. I chose to eat McD. It was good. I got 
to eat with my friends because they also chose mcd. When all the 5th 
and 6th graders finished we loaded the buses again and headed to
the skating ring. We where so exited when we got there we ran to get
our shoes and hurried to get them on. After we got them on we started
skating with our friends. they sold these little things that light up and 
bought one and so did lots of kids. I skated with lots of my friends and i 
helped people skate that didnt know how. It was Awesome!


  1. i made a paper airplane slimmer to that ahm1

  2. I am commenting on the stitches one. That must have really hurt. I'm sorry that happened to you. I feel really bad.jk1

  3. That would hurt getting stitches. I bet it wasn't a good day after that. JS1

  4. I am commenting on the Ipod one! One time My sister took my ipod and didnt give it back for a week! RB7

  5. can you teach me how to make that air plane?

  6. I bet that hurt when you fell, you probably said snap when you fell. DR7

  7. i like the paper airplane whoever posted it that is cool csr7