Thursday, March 29, 2012

Slice #14

swimming 'AHH' swimmings going very good.But it is already getting closer to the last day of swimming and that's no fun.Because  i love swimming but i got the summer to swim and if it is worm out today we might get to go swimming!That's exciding for me and my sister for me and my sister she will go swimming in 50 degree weather but that's to cold!At least for me.

today water feels weird today  i'e  had nothing bot water, and I never drink water. We have so many juices and my mom said, " no you can't..." when she always says yes. Water has no flavor. Its so boring, but my body needs it; so I'm going to drink it. 

this morning i lost a was a small tooth.i brushed it so it was clean.a clean tooth gets more money.i lost a tooth last year that would usually get 50 cents but i brushed it and i got a dollar. 

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Book recommendations for Spring Break.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slice #13

Crazy Weekend
 Last week was Sibs Week. My brother,sister, and I stayed at Manchester College with our sister. There was a lot to do. We were never bored. My sister got this crazy glitter tattoo. It explains her personality. There were five bouncy houses/jungle jims. There were big red chair pictures. There were even music videos made by us. The only thing we didn't do is watch the muppet movie. Oh well we still had fun.

We had a program on Tuesday. It was really fun.But then it wasn't because all of the girls had to miss swimming.He was an illusionist. But it was pretty cool. He did alot of tricks. He even popped a bowling ball out of his paper. 

Dear Slice,
 Over spring break i'm going to Panama City, Florida. It's going to be fun, I love Florida. It's just going to be me and my mom because my dad and my brother are going to Haiti. They are going on a mission trip with my church. My mom and i are going to Florida with some friends from 4-h. We are going to have a lot of fun!!!!!!! 

Mrs.Taylor is awesome  she is a helper in language arts. In, trimester 1 she was awesome she used to help us on homework and gave us answer and  she used to read to us she ws cool 


              we're swimming in school and it's so fun.All week we are going to do swimming.We get to skip third and half of fourth block.We were separated into boys and girls so the boys go next week.We are going to have free day on Friday.

 slicing                                                                     Today, I couldn't think of what to slice about. All of my thoughts came away and it's time to slice. Oh, no! Now what should I do? It's an idea of "slicing". Nothing interesting is happening. Does it have to be the kind of moment it is right now? I wish it wouldn't be. But I am going with it. If it is time to slice, then you have to slice. So I guess this is what happened. To sad for the slicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

today is march 13 and we had reading buddy's bacon went on vacation so i got to get my old reading buddy then me and my reading buddy get  to read all over again we had so much fun me and my two reading buddy's get to read  all over again like we did before  now till then we get to read till bacon get back from vacation 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slice #12

today i forgot it was smart start again so my brother and i thought we where going to miss the bus and be late to school but we remembered and walked to school and we were super early to school it was a wierd morning today

A few days ago I went to a horse sale. I had to wake up at 4:00. that wasn't fun. We took two horses to the horse sale.One was named Bertson and the other horse was named cody. It was a good weekend.

On Saturday me and my friend went swimming in her pond. It was really fun and really cold. We blew up the tube and pushed each other off of it. When we come inside i was completely  red. I was FREEZING!!! I took a very hot shower and felt better.After we cleaned up we counted her bracelets, there were 112!!! We played with her little cousin, and he told me I was his favorite friend. He was 3, and so adorable!!! I wish he was my cousin. I really had a fun time, and we made milkshakes and my friend put to many chocolate chips in them. There was three spoon fulls at the bottom of the cup. I put them in the trash. :)

On Friday and Saturday I went swimming at Waubbe Lake. It was cold but fun. On Saturday I put my hole body under water. I like swimming but not in freezing water. Swimming is one of my favorite sports.

slicing is kinda hard to write every day and if you forget to slice you won't go to the end of the slicing party so i try to write every day

Miss Taylor
She is so nice and funny. Even though i only had her for half a year. She was my first grade teacher. She is a kindergarten teacher now. But she is still the best!!!!! 


      I was walking around the track when i was waiting for my brothers baskets ball game to start! It was fun! I LOVE running around a track! I really like it when its nice outside.  But i walked this time because i didnt have the right running shoes. I got thirsty fast because it was hot out!!! :)

the first day of spring
today is the first day of spring.its awesome because know it isnt going to be cold.
i like spring because its not going to be cold and its going to be in the 80s.i hate 
spring because that means that in gym we are probley going to run cross 
country.i hare running cross country.its my least favorite thing to do

Sleepy and tired " 
                I'm so tired and want my new Jeff hardy figure wright now ! All great now I'm getting grumpy arrrg! My legs hurt my arms hurt and .............…My mom hurts ! Yell yell yell !oh no I'm going to fall a sleep ......,..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snoring snoring .       The end

Monday, March 26, 2012

Slice #11

  what a great day today we are havin!
WOW what a great day we are having today!I am so hot as soon as i got home i had to  change into a tank top.I would put some sun sreen on if i was you today lets not get sun burnt laugh out loud.

Many Worlds 
I am writing a book called Many Worlds right know. It is about a modern day marine squad who is after a group of terrorists. The marine squad ends up getting teleported to Kashyyyk in the Star wars universe. But two of the marines end up at the planet of Mygeeto, which is the heart of droid activity. The have to go on a epic adventure to find them.

Today was good. I get to go swimming at the end of block two. I cant wait ! We get a free day tomarrow. I really want to a have a drama free school. I love this school but the drama is just bringing me down.When we go swimming the girls go for a week and the boys go for a week. I am reading Twilight right now. Its confusing because Edward said that he wants to go to Seattle with Bella. And then he said that he wants Bella to stay away from him. And now they are eating lunch together.! isnt that confusing. Well i hope i get to read soon because i love this book!!!!!! 

we are being invaded... by girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls started playing football on the 20. But they are not the problem. their actually good. the can trow catch and many more things. Marshall was pushed down by girls. we are now getting more organized in football.


 When titanic was sinking it was desinairgrating when it hit the botome of the alantic ocean the frunt of the ship dug. 2 feet in to the ocean. Then aftor a 100 years titanic was starting to grow rust then titanic stardid to foll apart.

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we were in Indianapolis for a swim meet. While we were there we got an autograph from an Olympic swimmer! I even got an autograph on my back! That was pretty cool!

i might go to my friends house!!!!!!! the last time i went we had a blast. we played lots of games and toys. tomorrow if i can come there we will do lots of fun stuff like play outside on the four weeler. and swim in her lake. 

today is thursday its a wonderful day out it is so amazing. the blossoms are blooming. it smells good out  at my house we have japenesse cherry blossom trees the are so pretty in the back wonderful view in the back 

Reading buddies         
.We just had reading buddies. My reading buddies are so fun to read to. They like to read to me to. But they always fight about who picks the book first. My reading buddies are always happy to see me

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slice #10

Power ranger are cool they never die. They can have weapons,viracles and other stuff like that. there are about 20 teams. My two favrites is s.p.d wild force those are my favrites. there areall deffrent kinds of power rangers there is red,blue,green,yellow,pink,white black,gray,and orange ther is also purple and vilot.

Water Park                 Slice Of Life                                                                     At July, me and my family went to Deep River Water Park. First, I went swimming.30 minutes later the wave came at me. I was so wet that the came at me again! Then i went to the tower ( to go to the water slide) I went the water slide it was so fun! Next i went to the pool  again. Then my mom said we are going home. And i want to go there at next year!

  I have a Guinea Pig named Cosmo. So one day I was playing with him on the stairs(I had nothing else to do).  I  put  his to front feet on the top of a step, and to bottom of the step. To see what his reaction would be. He FREAKS OUT alot. SO I tryed to grab him then he got scared and jumped up a step. So that is the story of Cosmo the Guinea Pig

Shay Shay!

Yesterday my dog,Shay went nuts. When she went out,she sat on the porch barking at a squealer. Then when we let her in side she started running around scratching the floor. I thought shay was hipper allergenic. This morning she started shaking for my cereal. My dog is weird but shes my dog 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Slice #9

The Weekend
For my weekend i will be mainly sleeping. Since my mom has to babysit ever day but Saturday and Sunday I can't do that much at my house. I wish i could do more things but I can't. The only thing I can do is play my laptop and sleep. There is this really fun game i play on my laptop called ROBLOX so i will just play that all weekend. I will not be doing a whole bunch of stuff this weekend. They other thing I can do though on occations is play my X-Box. So now you know what I can do for my weekend I believe that is all i am going to do this weekend.


hello, teachers. i am not really sure what to say. so, what is going on in teacher land? What is this for because now i have 3 emails now hehe. This weekend i am going to my cousins house this weekend for whatever reason my aunt needs my moms help  for. What are you doing  this weekend ? Oh i got a new bird named rigby last weekend . he is a parakeet. Now i have 4 birds. I like cake !!!!  I also enjoy music !!!!!   ok, i dont know what else to say so good bye

on my 4-day weekend i'll go to some restaurant and eat .then maybe i can bribe my parents to take me to the zoo and see the monkeys . then i'll play the computer  and watch TV . maybe it will snow and i can make a snowman .i'm going to watch the movie  Holes.

How to Make a Lego-Man

1.find lego head.

2.find lego hands.

3.find lego arms and leges.

4.find lego body

Last thursday I was plaing football on my ps3.  I was plaing the Patroits and then I scored then a strip poped up it said please stop scoring you are going to brake the game. I paused it and ran to go get my sister when she saw it we both fell down laughing at the end of the game the score was 127 to 0 

My family went do the dunes and we went to the clay pit and we put clay all over ourselves and we were covered in clay so, our parents told us to wash off in Lake Michigan. Then we ate a lot of food then, we swam and had fun and we walked under a bridge we came around again. Then my brother-in-law climbed a really big  dune then we walked up a small dune a ran fast down it. Then it was about 5:30 and we left Michigan and went home. It was about 7:00 we arrived home.