Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slice #5

Cactus Story
Four years ago when I went to Mexico.I ran into a cactus. It hurt so bad. My cousin pulled them out. Their was one in my leg about 3 inches.It was one half an inch in my leg.

On Sunday I went to Bloomington for an Indiana Hoosiers game. I had lots of fun. The crowd goes wild when someone comes in and dunks it. I thought it was funny when Robbie Hummel fouled out. Even the students were glad, they chanted his steps "LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT" and cheered when he sat down. Looks like he had a little hissy fit when he found out he fouled out and when he sat down. After the game i stayed and got lots of autographs and they all hugged me. :) Maurice Creek sighed my jersey!!!!! Cody Zeller sighed my program and laughed. "What's so funny" i said. "Nothing", he said back. "Ok but you're telling me next year why you were laughing", i said. "Deal", he said smiling. We even shook on it. He's SO awesome!!!!!! I know i will go again next year. :)


on saturday i went to see the lorax. it was epic. when i left the movie theater i saw that Slushie, my best friend,called me.
when i went into the pet  store to buy live mice to feed my python, truffles. i called Slushie. she told me about unicorns and iguanas. she also said that they give her free candy. yes, i do have very weird friends :). When i left to go home i watched my snake eat the mice it was really cool!!!

My Favorite class is Language Arts because we get to do all the activities.We also email each other and decorate are emails. we also do 5 min grammar and do news.We also have Mrs.T in are classroom she's pretty fun. 

Tomorrow we go bowling! What fun! I'm so glad I didn't get written up or had any lunch detentions otherwise I couldn't go. Plus, sometime next week we go roller-skating! Swoosh there goes the ball! Let's try again. What fun is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                             It's almost like a real party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cousin is obsessed with Justin Beiber! Every time I go to her house she wants to listen to his music, or show me the posters she has of him.She asked her sister if she liked Justin Beiber and her sister said no, so she jumped on top of her and started pulling her hair. It's actually really funny to watch! 


  1. i like the justin bieber story your right that would be funny to watch gp7

  2. my sister is also obbsesed with justin beiber:(

    g.a.m g5

  3. acidently put 5.

    g.a.m b7 g5

  4. Cody Zeller is awesome and so is IU.You are so lucky you got to meet him

  5. your lucky you got to meet Cody Zeller it sounds like a exciting game mh7