Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slice #3

today peyton manning is getting cut today so now i am going for saints.that is why i am wearing my drew drees jersey today.

    Today I am getting a Parakeet. I'm getting a neon green one with a big cage The cage will  have a swing in it. Since I had my birthday, I have $115.00 to spend on my bird. I found out that they like mirrors, so one of the birds toys is going to be a mirror.

Notre Dame
Last year my dad,two of his friends,and i went to the Boston College @ Notre Dame football game.It was a long drive but it was worth it. Bill one of my dads friends got me a Notre Dame football and a hat. W got really good tickets they were in first section at the thirty five yard line. In the middle of the game the students section started throwing marshmallows! When Boston College fumbled the ball the announcer played the part in Crazy Train where Ozzy goes Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.The game was awesome.

A couple years ago I got a black eye from my sister's head. When I got home my family laughed. I had my black eye for about 3 weeks. My cousin asked if i was okay. 

My puppy

On the weekends I play with my little puppy. I play fetch with her and We play tug of war with her. I toss her angry bird. She goes running after it. It's so fun. Playing with my little puppy.   

One day at the fair in North Webster there was a game that if you won you got a goldfish . I wanted one so bad! I lost the game but the person working there was nice enough to give me one anyway. They lived up to be 2 years old. That's old for a fish!

We went to Wal*mart! Wal*mart is so awesome! Wal*mart has everything. But can you guess what we bought. YARN! Yarn for my mom`s kitten sweaters she makes. That is all i have to say today!

 when my baby cousin same over so i could babysit him it was really fun!!! we had milkshakes (witch made my cousin and my little sister hyper) and then they had a pillow fight and they hit me!!! by then they got tiered so we watched a movie. to make them settle down i said that i would make a baby bed for them.then they watched the lion king. they fell asleep not even the first half of the movie. in the morning we went to a restaurant for breakfast. then my cousin had to go home. i had a fun time babysitting. 

Last Day Of I step
today was the last day of i step and everybody was so happy.But the bad thing is we start again in may.
hopefully it is easy as it was these last couple of days where. its kind of fun to have i step because you
get to miss vocab and advisory.we only have 30 mins of each block. its Awesome.that is why i like i step.

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