Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slice #8

I'm the b team this year for basket ball. Are first game for the year was last Tuesday.I played all the quarters except for two of them.I only got two treys to shot the ball.The point guard had  the ball the most.On the last quarter they finally made some in. We finally made some too. We lost by two points.  

Yesterday I woke up happy because get to go rollerskating. When we got to the rollerrink I got my shoes and started to skate I fell about ten times at first so me skates had way to much grip on them .so I went up to get more skates with out so much grip on them . Then I started to get the hang of it. then at the end  I felt like a pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

   I had fun roller skating but I keep falling it heart.People  keep  pushing me down and it heat relley bad. one of my friend  ran in to me and then I ran in to my friends. I had to call my mom . Because I got heart so bad. Then I got back on my feet and i got heat agen  and i keep getting  heat it was to fun.Thank you fore taking u.s. 

Weird dad
          My dad is so  weird. He takes pictures all the time and hes not even a photographer. If he didn't have a camera and he was on his way to work he would come all the way home and get one. My dad and me have a lot of fun. Even though my dad is weird I still love him.

Jello here, jello there, you should try a lot of jello! It might be jiggly, it might not be but eat it eat it wherever you are! Try it try it you may like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell your family to get you some jello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will like it I'm sure!! Only if you would try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jell you put it in your hair you can desish your hari you movo irt in diffrent desighs 



  1. what is up with jello but i do like that slice block7 es


  3. who doesn't like jello? I LOVE JELLO!

  4. who likes jello? I like jello. csr 7

  5. seems that you have a pretty weird dad.

  6. jello- really funny jello!