Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slice #13

Crazy Weekend
 Last week was Sibs Week. My brother,sister, and I stayed at Manchester College with our sister. There was a lot to do. We were never bored. My sister got this crazy glitter tattoo. It explains her personality. There were five bouncy houses/jungle jims. There were big red chair pictures. There were even music videos made by us. The only thing we didn't do is watch the muppet movie. Oh well we still had fun.

We had a program on Tuesday. It was really fun.But then it wasn't because all of the girls had to miss swimming.He was an illusionist. But it was pretty cool. He did alot of tricks. He even popped a bowling ball out of his paper. 

Dear Slice,
 Over spring break i'm going to Panama City, Florida. It's going to be fun, I love Florida. It's just going to be me and my mom because my dad and my brother are going to Haiti. They are going on a mission trip with my church. My mom and i are going to Florida with some friends from 4-h. We are going to have a lot of fun!!!!!!! 

Mrs.Taylor is awesome  she is a helper in language arts. In, trimester 1 she was awesome she used to help us on homework and gave us answer and  she used to read to us she ws cool 


              we're swimming in school and it's so fun.All week we are going to do swimming.We get to skip third and half of fourth block.We were separated into boys and girls so the boys go next week.We are going to have free day on Friday.

 slicing                                                                     Today, I couldn't think of what to slice about. All of my thoughts came away and it's time to slice. Oh, no! Now what should I do? It's an idea of "slicing". Nothing interesting is happening. Does it have to be the kind of moment it is right now? I wish it wouldn't be. But I am going with it. If it is time to slice, then you have to slice. So I guess this is what happened. To sad for the slicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

today is march 13 and we had reading buddy's bacon went on vacation so i got to get my old reading buddy then me and my reading buddy get  to read all over again we had so much fun me and my two reading buddy's get to read  all over again like we did before  now till then we get to read till bacon get back from vacation 

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  1. Those all sound like a lot of fun! I would love to do those things!