Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st

Today I walked to school. I forgot it was smart start. We started out thinking we were going to ride the bus. We waited at the bus stop for five minutes before I remembered. We started walking and saw these kids that were gangsters. They were raping but when they saw us they said don't be hatin. It was weird. 

The bus ride here was long and loud. I went to breakfast and ate. It was very good but kind of hot. Then I went to class but I was still hungry.
Cold Cold Cold Pain
Yesterday I went to my friends to play basket ball. So we went to the youth center to play. So we were playing basket ball in the cold cold cold wind. when we were done playing we went home when I went home the car door slammed on my ankle  and I fell on the concrete and started bleeding.   

One day I got my rabbit out of her cage.I played with her and she had sharp nails so I got my multitool and got out the nail filler and I filled her nails for hours  my mom got home then she saw me and chockled

Old Dancers
My grandma and soon to be grandpa are dancing machines. Almost every night they go out and dance. On first Friday at Goshen they do the salsa. They taught me and my sister how to salsa. It was a great night. When it rains they have a party down stairs. They have a light on the ceiling that changes to the beat of the music. They love to dance.

 One day I was at the animal shelter for girl scouts. We got to play with dogs and cats. We also got to help out a little.When my parents came to pick me up, I thought in my head, ''I always wanted a dog. So I'm gonna make them go see the animals.'' When they went to see the dogs they fell in love with a pug snouzer mix. We got to keep it!!! It was for my Christmas present. I was so happy and excited to get home. My mom always names our pets so you'd probably exspect that she would name her even though she's mine. And mom named her Bonnie!!  

Well today is Wednesday started slice of life. The I am writing a slice of life for a blog. I had a fun time today. I am counting till how may days till my birthday and there is 8 days from Thursday. I'm happy because me and my friend are going swimming.:p

Finally the new trimester!! In the past trimester I has social studies,art,and music. Now I have science,industrial tech,and facs. I like having a new trimester because that means we are getting closer to the end of the school year. Then I don`t like the new trimester because I wont be able to see my friends. (But I like to go the lake when school is out.)

One time on our trip to Minnesota my family went to the locks . It was very cool the water rose and lowered so the boat could pass through . We even saw a big barge pass through . There was a museum to show the history of the locks . It said that one man on a kayak passed through ,and it said that if you looked hard enough you could see Canada .  IT WAS AWESOME !!!!!!

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  1. Dear 5th Graders --
    I'm glad you are slicing through the month of March. I hope you find surprises as you live a wide-awake writer life.:)
    Mrs. Ayres